Dianne Bradshaw


Practitioner of the McTimoney and Bowen techniques for relief of pain in humans and animals

  • Orphaned Baby Elephants

    I was lucky enough to go on a fantastic Busman's Holiday a few years ago with a group of Therapists who were going to work with the David Sheldrick Widlife Trust in Kenya treating their baby elephants who had been orphaned in many different circumstances.

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  • Charolet Bull

    I was asked to look at a Charolet Bull at a farm in Hereford who was an extremely expensive show and breeding bull used to cover their cows but had slipped and fallen in the process.

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  • Amy the Alpaca

    I was called out to treat Amy after she had given birth to a very large offspring - so large that it had caused her uterus to become prolapsed and was quite visible at her backend.

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  • Belinda the Otter

    The reason I moved to the Cotswolds was because of my introduction to a lady called Daphne Neville who has tame otters and I have been involved in their handling and rearing since I arrived here.

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  • 3 Week Old Lamb

    I was called by an anxious lady who was looking after a small lamb for the farmer next door who asked for my help and as I was going to that area to treat horses I agreed to call in to see what I could do.

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