Dianne Bradshaw


Practitioner of the McTimoney and Bowen techniques for relief of pain in humans and animals

3 Week Old Lamb

I was called by an anxious lady who was looking after a small lamb for the farmer next door who asked for my help and as I was going to that area to treat horses I agreed to call in to see what I could do.  The lamb had literally done the splits behind as a metal gate had fallen onto him and one leg had tripled in size while the other was quite obviously numb and lifeless.

The vet had given him steroids to help with the swollen leg but there was no change to the other one and he was only too happy to let me use McTimoney Manipulation to see if it would help.  As the lamb couldn't stand on his own the lady and myself had to support him so that I could palpate and assess him and then apply the adjustments he needed after which we set him back down in his sitting position he had been in for days.  She could see him from her kitchen window and kept a close eye on him and when I called a few days later she reported by the next day she saw him manage to get to his feet and was standing up, by the next day they brought his mum to join him and by day 3 they were put back out together in a small paddock.  My only reservation was that as he was a male lamb I was never quite sure if he did end up on someone's table as Easter Sunday lunch - I sincerely hope not!

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