Dianne Bradshaw


Practitioner of the McTimoney and Bowen techniques for relief of pain in humans and animals

Amy the Alpaca

I was called out to treat Amy after she had given birth to a very large offspring - so large that it had caused her uterus to become prolapsed and was quite visible at her backend.

She was very arched in her back and had difficulty moving around, generally being unable to lower herself to sit down without falling and after months of treatment with vets they had nothing else to help her but were happy for me to try.  As she was very nervous to handle I decided to use Bowen Therapy to help release all those back muscles in spasm and she settled well realising I was not going to inflict more pain.

Progress was initially slow but consistent and within 2 treatments she was starting to get down and back up again more easily but my amazement came when I saw her for the 4th time to see the prolapsed uterus had completely receded back inside where it belonged!

The picture shows Amy's daughter who was the extra-large offspring who caused all this and as you can see she now has a beautiful baby of her own.

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