Dianne Bradshaw


Practitioner of the McTimoney and Bowen techniques for relief of pain in humans and animals

Belinda the Otter

The reason I moved to the Cotswolds was because of my introduction to a lady called Daphne Neville who has tame otters and I have been involved in their handling and rearing since I arrived here.  Last year Daphne called me to say Belinda was suddenly dragging both hindlegs out behind her and the vets had given her injections and were waiting to see the changes but as there had been no difference Daphne asked if I would come to have a look at her.

Her otters, although they know me well, still remain wild animals so need to be treated with the utmost of respect and as I assessed Belinda's back I could feel a single vertebra out of alignment in the lower back or lumbar region.  I decided to use Bowen Therapy initially to help relax the muscles along the back and Belinda was well behaved and didn't run back to hide in her bedding.  At the end of her treatment I used a gentle McTimoney adjustment on the misaligned vertebra and we put her back with her mate Rudi and left them for the night.

Over the next 3 days Belinda gradually started to bring her hind feet back underneath her and by day 4 was using them intermittently to walk properly again and after retreating her a week later she looked and moved just like any of Daphne's other otters I have known.

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