Dianne Bradshaw


Practitioner of the McTimoney and Bowen techniques for relief of pain in humans and animals

Charolet Bull

I was asked to look at a Charolet Bull at a farm in Hereford who was an extremely expensive show and breeding bull used to cover their cows but had slipped and fallen in the process.

He lay on his side for 3 days as his back had gone into spasm and was treated by the vet but still needed a winch and sling to get him back onto his feet.  Once up he constantly shifted his weight between his two hind legs and looked very uncomfortable which is why I was brought in.  With vets, farmers and onlookers present I decided under the circumstances that Bowen Therapy would be the best treatment for him and being provided with a tail handler so he didn't bruise me by swishing his tail at the irritant who was trying to improve his health I set to work.

After the treatment was finished all we could do was to wait to see the changes and to my great surprise after 24 hours he stopped shifting his weight and stood relaxed and happy on both hind legs.  He repaid me for my efforts in my second treatment by trying to kick me 3 times when I obviously got too close to a tender spot but he continued to make good progress after I left!

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