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Read some endorsements from previous patients...

I am very grateful!

I went to see Dianne because of a frozen shoulder. I had an injection a year before which relieved the symptoms, but they had started to come back and I could feel my shoulder starting to freeze again. Very quickly Dianne was able to alleviate the pain, and I now have 100% movement and am completely pain free. After trying everything, this was the first thing that worked and I am very grateful!

Jena Corrie

I would recommend Dianne

Dianne has helped me through Bowen Therapy with my shoulder, back and hip pain over the last couple of years. The treatment is very gentle with no discomfort. I would recommend Dianne if you want to try this alternative therapy

Carolyn William

Dianne gently yet deeply realigns the body

Dianne's treatments are always a pleasure to have and are hugely beneficial. I recommend her highly as a therapist. Dianne gently yet deeply realigns the body with her treatments which are long lasting. She puts you at your ease and is encouraging for you to maintain a sense of well being.


Lasting and effective remedy to pain

I've tried many different types of treatment over the years for lower back pain and Dianne's gentle yet effective McTimoney Manipulation and Bowen Therapy has given me a lasting and effective remedy to the pain.

Boze Durston

A very genuine and experienced therapist

I have suffered with neck & back pain for the last 10 years and have tried everything but nothing worked for me. I found one of Dianne's Bowen leaflets in a Yoga Centre in Cheltenham which promoted gentle & pain free treatment. On my last episode of back pain I had been off work for a week and decided to call Dianne who came to see me at home. She immediately found my hips were misaligned and used such gentle movements I was thinking is this going to work? But the next day, I woke up fully energised and with absolutely no back or neck pain – it was a miracle. Since then I have treatment every 3 months as maintenance but I have been feeling really good and it is all due to Dianne’s amazing treatments. I would definitely recommend Bowen Therapy and Dianne is a very genuine and experienced therapist.